January – June 2023

Peer-Reviewed Publications

  1. Li Wei, Twaddle N, Spray B, Nounamo B, Monzavi-Karbassi and Hakkak Reza. Feeding soy protein concentrate with low and high isoflavones alters 9 and 18 weeks serum isoflavones and inflammatory protein levels in lean and obese zucker rats. J Med Food., 36 (3) 2023, 1-8.https://doi.org/10.1089/jmf.2022.0100
  2. Seal AD, Colburn AT, Johnson EC, Péronnet F, Jansen LT, Adams JD, Bardis CN, Guelinckx I, Perrier ET, Kavouras SA. Total water intake guidelines are sufficient for optimal hydration in United States adults. Eur J Nutr. 2023 Feb;62(1):221-226. doi: 10.1007/s00394-022-02972-2. Epub 2022 Aug 9. PMID: 35943601.
  3. Robinson, G.C., Toliver-Smith, A., & Stigar, L. V. (2023, March). Teaching Queer Concepts to Graduate Students in Communication Sciences and Disorders: Culturally Responsive Pedagogy to Foster Affirmative Clinical Practice. Seminars in Speech and Language (Vol. 44, No. 02, pp. 104-118). https://www.thieme-connect.com/products/ejournals/abstract/10.1055/s-0043-1761947
  4. Karaduta, Oleg, et. al. Platelet, Inflammation and Thrombosis in CKD. Journal of Clinical and Translational Science. 24 April 2023. doi:10.1017/cts.2023.466
  5. Teigen, Amber. Interprofessional Naloxone Student Training to Manage Suspected Opioid Overdose. Clinical Nurse Specialist 2023 Feb;37(1):p 26 – 35. DOI: 10.1097/NUR.0000000000000720.
  6. Teigan, Amber. Mindfulness for depression management in men with prostate cancer. JAAPA; Volume 36 – Issue 3. March 2023. DOI: 10.1097/01.JAA.0000911220.25098.91
  7. Paulson, Sally, Gills, Joshua, Campitelli, Anthony, Jones, Megan D., Sanders, Joohee, Glenn, Jordan, Madero, Erica Vincenzo, Jennifer, Walter, Christopher, Gray Michelle. Differences in Habitual and Maximal Gait Velocity Across Age Groups: A Cross-Sectional Examination. Journal of Aging and Physical Activity. Advance online publication. Journal of Aging. June 2023. https://doi.org/10.1123/japa.2022-0085
  8. Swindle, T., Baloh, J., Landes, S.J., Lovelady, N.M., Vincenzo, Jennifer, Hamilton, A. Zielinski, M.J., Teeter, B.S., Gorvine, M.M., Curran, G.M. Evidence-Based Quality Improvement (EBQI) in the pre-implementation phase: key functions and forms. Frontiers in Health Services, section Implementation Science. May 2023. https://www.frontiersin.org/articles/10.3389/frhs.2023.1155693/full
  9. Williams, T., Robins, T., Vincenzo, Jennifer, Lipschitz, R., Baghal, A., Sexton, K. et. al. Quantifying care team social network influences on patients with multimorbidity: implications for clinical informatics. Journal of Multimorbidity and Comorbidity. May 2023. https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/37197197/
  10. Warren, S.E. & Atcherson, Sam (2023). Evaluation of a Clinical Method for Selective Electrode Deactivation in Cochlear Implant Programming. Frontiers in Human Neuroscience, 17:1157673.
  11. Purvis, R.S., Vincenzo, Jennifer, Spear, M., Moore, R., Patton, S.K., Callaghan-Koru, J., McElfish, P.A, Curran, G.M. Factors associated with Marshallese and Hispanic adults’ willingness to receive a COVID-19 booster dose. Journal of Primary Care and Community Health. May 2023. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC10189419/
  12. Vincenzo, Jennifer, et. al.  Reaching late adopters: factors influencing COVID-19 vaccination of the Marshallese and Hispanic adults. BMC Public Health. April 2023. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC10068695/#:~:text=Late%2Dadopting%20Marshallese%20and%20Hispanic,others’%20say%20about%20the%20vaccine
  13. Vincenzo, Jennifer, et. al. Developing and testing implementation strategies to support the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s STEDI (Stopping Elderly Accidents, Deaths, and Injuries) Initiative for falls risk management in outpatient physical therapy: A protocol. Archives of Rehabilitation Research and Clinical Translation. June 2023. https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S2590109523000204
  14. Haggard-Duff, L., Hudson, J., Holland, Angel, Bogulski, C., Long, C.R., Moore, R, McElfish, P.,, Sonntag, C., Kelly, M. Interprofessional Students’ Perspectives on Culinary Medicine Training: Intentions from Plate to Practice. Medical Science Educator. March 2023. https://link.springer.com/article/10.1007/s40670-023-01767-2

Peer-Reviewed Poster Presentation

  1. Robinson, G.C. (2023, May 9) The Value of Visibility in DEI. SLP Nerdcast: A podcast retrieved May 30, 2023 from https://www.slpnerdcast.com/episodes/leahp-leadership-in-education-and-allied-health-professions-g8m9r-rawm3-8b36l-gj9cc-ft64a.
  2. Robinson, G.C. (2023, June 20) Supporting transgender and nonbinary students: A guide for school-based audiologists and SLPs. A webinar for the ASHA Learning Center. Retrieved from https://learningcenter.asha.org/diweb/catalog/item/id/11763168.
  3. Karim Saleema, Stahulak Jessica. (June 2023) Lights…camera…Action! Using Role Playing In Classroom Budgeting Simulation Exercise. The Associate of University Programs in Health Administration. National Harbor, MD.
  4. Chan, T., Jefferson John. Pilates-Based Therapeutic Exercise To Improve Functional Transfers and Bead Mobility in Rehabilitation Following Quadruple Amputation. Combined Sections Meeting of the American Physical Therapy Association. 25 February 2023.
  5. Atcherson, Sam, *Schultes, Brooklyn, *Patel, Aayushi, Hahne, J., & DeBaun, B. (2023, April 19 – 22). Communication, Usability, and Fit of Transparent and Non-Transparent N95 Masks. 2023 American Academy of Audiology. Seattle, WA.
  6. Ward, Z.A. & Atcherson, Sam (2023, April 14). A Novel Modality for Detection of Unilateral Acoustic Neuroma/Vestibular Schwannomas. Poster presented at the ACHE Semi-Annual Research Symposium hosted by the Arkansas Colleges of Health Education (ACHE) and the American Osteopathic Association (AOA), Fort Smith, AR.
  7. Jones, Dalton*, Atcherson, Sam, & Moreland, C.M. Stethoscope Use and Connectivity Among D/HH Health Professionals and Trainees. Poster presentation for the 2023 American Academy of Audiology. Seattle, WA.
  8. Veerling, Samantha*, Atcherson, Sam, & Zraick, R.I. (2023, April 19-22). Evaluation of Readability and Comprehensibility of PROMs for Childhood Listening Difficulties. Poster presentation for the 2023 American Academy of Audiology. Seattle, WA.
  9. Nosal, Audra. What’s the Tea: Engaging the Gen Z Learner. 14th Annual Teach the Teacher: Developing and Sustaining Professional Identity Symposium. UAMS. 5 May 2023.
  10. Teigen, Amber, Anders, M., Whited, T. Bringing Mindfulness Training to Students. 14th Annual Teach the Teacher: Developing and Sustaining Professional Identity Symposium. UAMS. 5 May 2023.
  11. Halverson, Melissa. How to find extra time in your day: automated processes. 14th Annual Teach the Teacher: Developing and Sustaining Professional Identity Symposium. UAMS. 5 May 2023.
  12. Karaduta, Oleg, et. al. Platelet, Inflammation and Thrombosis in CKD. Association for Clinical and Translational Science (annual meeting). Washington, DC. April 18 – 20, 2023.

Peer-Reviewed Oral presentation

  1. Toliver-Smith, A., Carr, Portia, and Hall, Charia. The BIPOC Check-In: Supporting Our Underrepresented Students (Presentation); National Black Association for Speech-Language-Hearing; Washington, DC. April 2023.
  2. Overton-McCoy, AL, McHengry G., Guibeau, K. Walter, Christopher, Clausen, C., Herbst, M. Adapting an exercise evidence-based program to meet needs of rural older adults. American Society of Aging Conference. 30 March 2023.
  3. Salter, Kandy. CarFit. American Occupational Therapy Inspire Conference. Kansas
    City, MO. April 20 – 23, 2023.
  4. Teigen, Amber, Wilkerson, Brittany. Introduction to Lifestyle Medicine. ARAPA CME Conference. Nashville, TN. 10 March 2023.
  5. Siebenmorgen, Lachan. Vaccine Hesitancy in Maternal Populations. ARAPA CME Conference. Nashville, TN. 10 March 2023.
  6. Toliver-Smith, A. Carr, P. Hall, C. The BIPOC Check-In: Supporting Our Underrepresented Students. National Black Association for Speech, Language, Hearing. Washington, DC. April 20 – 22, 2023.
  7. Siebenmorgen, Lachan. Vaccination Hesitancy in Maternal Populations. Maternal Child Health Special Interest Focus Group. UAMS. 11 April 2023.
  8. Nosal, Audra. Gen Z: Champions Inclusion. Student-Run Free Clinics Faculty Association 2023 Virtual Conference. 23 March 2023.
  9. Atcherson, Sam, Mormer, E., & Sparks, S.  (2023, April 19-22). Hearing Accessibility Solutions: Achieving Successful Communication for All. Invited presentation for 2023 American Academy of Audiology conference, Seattle, WA.

UAMS Student Research Day on March 7, 2023

  1. *Adams, W., and Toliver-Smith, A. The Effect of Aural Rehabilitation on Cognitive Decline
  2. *Manchack, M. and Toliver-Smith, A. A Study of the Current Literature Regarding the Efficacy of a Bilingual Approach to Speech-Language Therapy
  3. *Smith, J. and Toliver-Smith, A. The Freedom of Speech Ain’t Free
  4. *Huggins, T., and Toliver-Smith, A. Echolalia and Language Development in Children with Autism Who Use American Sign Language as Their Primary Means of Communication
  5. *White, Mary Abbygail, *Burns, Caroline, Vawryk Button, Nadja. (March 2023). Effects of Virtual Reality in the management of anxiety-related disorders
  6. *Graves, Stephanie, *Grihalva, Christy. Finding Emotional Intelligence in Health Literacy
  7. *Miller, Bethany, *Jones, Heather, *Bass Sydney. Intermittent Fasting: Fad or Fact
  8. *Chowdhury, Rupak, Karaduta, Oleg. Assessing Attributes of COVID-19 Mortality & Associated Co-morbid Conditions
  9. *Coker, Holley, *Youngblood, Emily, Karaduta, Oleg. Impact of Language Concordant Care on the Management of Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus
  10. *Crowley, David, *Brantley, Hannah, Lawson, Samantha. Effect of Repositioning For the Treatment of Pressure Ulcers in the Impatient Setting
  11. *Buffington, Page, *Sebghatti, Alexia, *Stewart, Kasey, Lawson, Samantha. The Consequences of a Cesarean Section on the neonatal Gut Microbiome and Future Health Outcomes
  13. *Duggan, Grace, *Potter, Madalynn, *Subtelgte, Ruth, Wilson, Audra. The Effect of an Anti-Inflammatory Diet on the Quality of Life with Rheumatoid Arthritis
  14. *Wohlford, Elizabeth, *Farris, Emalee, *Dickerson, Emily, Richard-Davis, Gloria. The Efficacy of Testosterone Hormonal Treatment for Menopausal Symptoms in Postmenopausal Women: a mini systematic review
  15. *Bowerman, Carol, *Melton, Faith, Siebanmorgen, Lachan. Effects of Music Therapy on the Neurodevelopment of Pre-term infants
  16. *Davis, Skylar, *Witt, Marshall, *Toliver, Ryan, Teigen, Amber. Sport-Related Councussions
  17. *Bell, Caitlyn, *Hamilton, Rachel, *Pitts, Nikki, Wilkerson, Brittany. Effects of Enhetu (trastuzumabderuxtecan) on safety and efficacy in treating HER2+ Cancer
  18. *Bryant, Damisha, *Russenberger, Nicolas, *Tran, Iren, Wilkerson, Brittany. The Efficacy of Upper Airway Stimulation in Obstructive Sleep Apnea as an Alternative to Positive Airway Pressure Treatment
  19. *Lee, Madison, *Hughes, Spencer, *Wood, Isabella, Williams, Edward. Effectiveness of Alternative Pain Management and Early Ambulation in Reducing Opioid Use in Postoperative Spine Patients
  20. *Manchak, Moriah, Toliver-Smith, Andrea. A Study of the Current Literature Regarding the Efficacy of a Bilingual Approach to Speech-Language Therapy
  21. *Huggins, Taylor, Toliver-Smith Andrea. Echolalia and Language Development in Children with Autism Who Use American Sign Language as Their Primary Means of Communication
  22. *Adams, Wesley Toliver-Smith Andrea. The Effects of Aural Rehabilitation of Cognitive Decline
  23. *Smith, JaVonnica, Toliver-Smith, Andrea. The Freedom of Speech Ain’t Free
  24. *Neal, Zaria, Lepard, Tiffany. Communication preferences of cardiovascular genetics information among college educated African American women.

Grant Submitted and Funded

  1. Halverson, Melissa, Simmons, Layla. Diagnose, Monitor, Treat: Enhancing Medical Imaging Access for Underserved Patients. Methodist Foundation of Arkansas, $195,655 (3/1/2023 – 3/31/2024).
  2. Troillett, Amanda. Schmieding Sensory Room Grant. University of Arkansas COEHP, $100,000 (1/1/2023 – 6/30/2024).

Continued Funded Grants

  1. Jansen, Lisa, PI: Glycemic patterns during gestation: CGM as a proxy measure of the intrauterine environment. CCOP, COBRE, NIGMS $74,640.00, (8/1/22 – 7/31/2023).
  2. Hakkak, Reza, Translational Workforce Development Leader: Expanding Translational Research in Arkansas: National Center for Advancing Translational Science: PI, Laura James, MD., $24,221,701.00, NIH UL1 TR003107 (7/1/19 – 6/30/24).
  3. Hakkak, Reza, PI: Obesity, gut microbiota and Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Protection in Adolescents and Adults by Soy Protein Diet. USDA, $500,000.00 (4/1/2020-3/31/2024).
  4. Li, Wei. PI. Need the title and duration CHP Seed grant, $4,988.00 (8/1/2022 – 7/31/2023).
  5. Atcherson Sam, Hahn J. A Transparent Surgical Mask to Improve Patient/Caregiver Communication, Minimize Errors, and Increase Patient Satisfaction, National Institutes of Health. $241,907. (4/1/2021 – 4/1/2023; No cost extension through 2/28/2024).
  6. Vincenzo, Jennifer. Developing and testing implantation strategies to support the STEADI for falls risk management in outpatient rehabilitation. National Institute on Aging, $1,051,000.00 (9/1/2022 – 6/30/2027).
  7. Williamson Dean, Lori, Co-Director: Heartland Regional Genetics Network. HRSA, $2,400,000 (6/1/2020 – 5/31/2024).
  8. Atcherson, S. Toliver-Smith, Henry, M. Deaf American Sign Language Users: Hearing Aids and Accessibility. CHP Seed Grant, $3,310 (8/1/2022 – 2/29/2024).
  9. Fussell Jill, (COM) (PI), Robinson Greg, Atcherson Sam, Tassin Tiffany. Maternal Child Health Leadership Education in Neurodevelopment Disabilities (LEND). U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. Health Resources & Services Administration (HRSA). $3,545,824 (9/16/2016 – 8/31/2021). This grant was submitted and funded for 9/1/2021 – 8/31/2026.

Pending Grants

  1. Teigen, Amber, Karaduta, Oleg, Siebenmorgen, Tucker, Claire, Norton, Kelsey. Dental Care Matters. Improving Oral Health of LGBTQ+ Individuals. nccPA Foundation, $1056.00 (8/1/2023 – 7/31/2024).

Grants Submitted but Not Funded

  1. Teigen, Amber, Siebenmorgen, Lachan. Ultrasound faculty development. ESSC UAMS. $2,449.

Books and Book Chapters

  1. Fose, Courtney, Jones, Lesley, et al. (2023). Interviewing in J.A. Beto & B.B. Holli (Eds), Nutrition counseling and education skills: a practical guide (8th, pp 33-51). Jones & Bartlett Learning.
  2. Harris Anna, Salter Kandy, Muir, Shery. Primary Care in Occupational Therapy, Springer (1st) (May 2023).
  3. Vincenzo, Jennifer. PhysioU – Wound Care E-learning and Simulations. PhysioU. https://www.physiou.health/e-learning-simulations-technology-enhanced-learning (February 2023).

Keynote and Plenary Speeches

  1. Hakkak, Reza. Soy protein diet and non-alcoholic fatty liver disease, effects of obesity and different isoflavones levels and duration. 2023 KosFost International symposium and Annual Meeting, Korean Society of Food Science and Technology (Soybean Process & Utilization). June 28-30, 2023, ICCJEJU, Korea. https://www.kosfost.or.kr/abstract/2023_spring/
  2. Hakkak, Reza. Obesity and Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease: Protective Effects of Soy Protein Diet. Keynote Speaker & Chair at the 7th International conference on Obesity and Metabolic Disorders Research, Virtual, May 1-3, 2023. https://obesity.unitedscientificgroup.org/pdfs/ORC_2023-Program.pdf
  3. Jansen, Lisa T. Continuous Glucose Monitoring – Functional Biomarker or Marketing Hype? 2023 Arkansas Chapter for the Academy of Dietetics and Nutrition annual meeting. CGM AME session, April 27, 2023, Arkansas Children’s Hospital, Little Rock, USA.

Blogs and Commentaries

  1. Laurel Sexton, Jennifer Vincenzo. Falls Prevention for Older Adults: How Physical Therapy Can Improve Bladder Control and Reduce Falls Risk. 6 June 2023. https://www.ncoa.org/article/how-physical-therapy-can-improve-bladder-control-and-reduce-falls-risk
  2. Schrodt, L., Jennifer Vincenzo. How a Physical Therapist Can Help Reduce Your Risk of Falling. National Council on Aging. https://www.ncoa.org/article/how-a-physical-therapist-can-help-you-reduce-your-risk-of-falling May 2023


  1. Dollie Resh, Chancellor’s MVP Award. February 2023

New Honors, Special Eecognition, Editorial Board Member

  1. Jennifer Vincenzo, interviewed for Healthleadersmedia.com in May 2023. https://www.healthleadersmedia.com/post-acute/uams-physician-asst-program-brings-geriatric-care-front
  2. Jennifer Vincenzo, Advisory Board – Community Member for Veterans System of the Ozarks Subcommittee on Research Safety
  3. Jennifer Vincenzo, Member for America Physical Therapy Association – Geriatrics/National Council on Aging Task Force
  4. Alex Wadley, Commission on Cancer (CoC) Committee, UAMS
  5. Jennifer Vincenzo, Member of the Clinician – Scientists Transdisciplinary Aging Research Coordinating Center (Clin-STAR) Annual Meeting Planning Committee
  6. Jenifer Vincenzo, Steering Committee Member – Hollywood, Health& Society – Norman Lear Center SC Annenberg School for Communication and Journalism CTSA consortium
  7. Jennifer Vincenzo, Selected for the Tideswell Emerging Leaders in Aging Program – American Geriatrics Society and Association of Directors Academic Programs
  8. Jennifer Vincenzo, Nominated – Excellence in Service Award – UAMS
  9. Lori Williamson Dean. Marshallese Educational Initiative, Advisory Board